The way of the soul
The walls of Ávila

The inner castle or the way of the soul

The way of the soul
Is like a fortress
An inner castle

The gate by which
You enter it
Is prayer

And prayer will lead you on
From sin to grace
From guilt to mercy

It will strenghten
Your path
And you will

And soon
You will enter
The mansions
Of the castle

Its widths
And heights
And dephts

The true
With divine

One heart
One soul
One mind
One spirit


The inner castle or the way of the soul


Color of my soulDivine art and poetry


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    2 Thoughts to “The inner castle way of the soul”

    1. Lyndal Jane

      Beautiful poem. Really set the tone for my day. Thankyou 🙂

      1. Fleeky

        Thank you for telling me Jane…
        Have a blessed day

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